The best water sports beaches in Paros​

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Many of Paros’ most popular beaches offer water sports, so we’ve broken down some of the best venues for thrills and spills. There’s adrenaline-fuelled fun like waterskiing and jet skiing or being pulled on inflatable bananas and tubes and even flyfish. Or maybe you’re looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint. No problem. You can wind & kitesurf or opt for a more intrepid option, like hiring Stand up Paddleboard (SUP), sea bikes or kayaks. It’s simple. If you’re into water sports, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Paros.

Windsurf & Kitesurf

If your thing is wind & kite surfing, then Nea Chrissi Akti (small, secluded, with green-blue water and sand) is the beach for you, as more times than not you’ll find favourable wind here. Alternatively, Chrissi Akti more than caters to windsurfers, whether novice or experienced, as does Molos, a small, semi-circular beach located inside a small cove on the east coast. The bonus here is that it’s next to a Natura 2000 reserve and the shallow water is a magnet for families with young kids. Don’t expect amenities (there are just a few scattered tamarisk trees for shade) so make sure you pack accordingly. Finally, Pounda Kite beach is true to its name. It’s a popular beach although its size allows you to blend in. Just 9km south of Parikia, it’s perhaps the most famous water sports spot in Paros. 


If your thing is scuba diving, you’ll want to head for the diving centres at Chrissi Akti, Santa Maria, Pounda Kite beach, or Alyki. Santa Maria is a large beach, covered in fine sand and with facilities like sunbeds & umbrellas and beach bars. If you’re into snorkelling, it’s a must. And despite its popularity, you should be able to find a tranquil spot on which to chill. Meanwhile, Alyki beach is next to the seaside settlement of the same name, with all the amenities to keep you occupied. The beach is made up of sand and fine shells, with green-blue water and a diving centre. It’s worth combining your day with a walk around the village and a seafood taverna lunch. 

All-time classic water sports

When talking about all-time classic water sports, we’re referring to the favourites you’ll find on so many Greek islands, like inflatable tubes, banana and waterskiing. You’ll find them all on Chrissi Akti and Monastiri (amongst the best beaches in Paros). Chrissi Akti (along with its sibling Nea Chrissi Akti, which offers the same features despite being smaller) is a spacious stretch of yellow sand, with green-blue water and a choice of water sports centres. It’s fully organised with sunbeds & umbrellas and beach bars and is the only beach in Paros to offer flyfish. Monastiri beach, located in a secluded cove in northern Paros, is similarly endowed with sand and green-blue water and is part of a nature reserve and ideal for families with children. It offers a wide range of classic water sports and facilities including sunbeds & umbrellas and a beach bar. 

All Day

SUP, Sea bike, canoe & kayak

If you’re into quieter water sports, Paros has you covered with Stand-up-Paddleboard (SUP) on Monastiri beach, as well as SUP and canoeing on Chrissi Akti, Nea Chrissi Akti, Alyki, Molos, Laggeri (a secluded, beach with fine sand and crystalline waters) and Faragas (located in northern Paros, next to Alyki beach, with sand, sunbeds and a beach bar). You’ll find sea bikes on Monastiri, Molos and Chrissi Akti, and kayaks and SUPs for hire at Chrissi Akti and Kolymbithres (one of Paros’ more exotic beaches, with wild rock formations, green-blue waters, white sand and amenities).  


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